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Courses Offered

College of Agriculture

BSA Agronomy
BSc. Animal Science (large/small)
BSc. Agricultural Business Management
BSc. Agricultural Engineering

College of Social Sciences and Humanities

AB Communication Studies
AB English (Ling./Lit)
AB Filipino
AB History
AB Islamic Studies
AB Political Science
AB Sociology

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

BSc. Biology
BSc. in Information Technology
BSc. Mathematics

College of Business Administration and Accountancy

BSc. in Accountancy
BSc. in Accounting Technology
BSc. Business Administration – Business Economics
BSc. Business Administration – Management
BSc. Business Administration – Entrepreneurial Marketing

College of Education

BSED Biology
BSED English
BSED Filipino
BSED History
BSED Mathematics
Bachelor of Elementary Education

College of Engineering

BSc. Civil Engineering
BSc. in Electronics & Communication Engineering
BSc. Electrical Engineering
BSc. Mechanical Engineering
Diploma in Automotive Technology
Diploma in Building Construction Technology
Diploma in Electrical Technology
Diploma in Machine Shop Technology

College of Fisheries

BSc. Fisheries (Aquaculture)
BSc. Marine Biology
Diploma in Fish Culture (Aquaculture)
Diploma in Fish Processing

Graduate Programs

MA in Education (Gen, Ed. & Reading)
MST Mathematics
MST General Science
MST Physics
Master in Public Administration (with Thesis)
Master in Public Administration (non Thesis)
Certificate in Governmental Management
Master in Business Management (New)
Master of Science in Sustainable Development Studies (New)

Bachelor of Laws(LL.B)