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Registration Procedure

 At the College Adviser

  • Advising


  • Enrolled in block
  • Subjects enrolled – add CWTS or LTS or ROTC and PE
  • Other subjects (for irregular students)


  • Assessment o fees*
  • COR printed

*COR signed by the the Student and Adviser

2. At the Enrolment / Registration Centers (served by Deputized Collecting Officers from Cashier’s Office and Registration Officer from Registrar’s Office)

Center 1BA & A (College of BA & A and Fisheries)
Center 2H Building(College of Engineering and Education)
Center 3CSSH Amphitheatre (College of SSH, NSM and Agriculture)


  • Payments of Fees – Tuition, Miscellaneous & Laboratory Fees **
  • Cashier’s copy of COR detached


  • Final verification of all registration documents ***
  • Student’s copy of COR stamped ENROLLED is given to the student
  • Registrar’s copy checked, encoded and forwarded to Registrar’s Office for filing


*NSTP(CWTS, LTS, ROTC) Fee is integrated with the Tuition Fee but less 50%

**Students with previous balance shall pay with Ms. Angela Sanchez at the Cashier’s Office

***Registrar’s Deputized Registration / Validation shall:

  • record OR no., Amount paid, and Date of Receipt in the Registrar’s copy of COR
  • Check Bagwis, Insurance and SSC payments
  • Check Original Report of Grades in case of change of ASSESSMENT or SCHOLARSHIP STATUS, have the request signed by the Registrar