Vision, Mission, Goals

MSU-VM 120 x 143inc copy

Goals and Objectives

  • Strengthen and pursue vigorously the instruction and training for technical skills in the thrust areas of agriculture, fisheries, engineering, science & technology and allied services;
  • Develop competent middle and high level professionals to man and manage the growing number of industries, government agencies and private enterprises;
  • Utilize research and extension community services in the development, promotion and utilization of appropriate and useful technologies in science, agriculture, fisheries and other allied fields;
  • Provide demand driven and local needs centered extensionCommunity/services for individual and collective economic capability building;
  • Provide and develop judicious utilization and protection of the environment within the context of sustainable development;
  • Work for the upliftment of the educationally disadvantaged cultural communities and other marginalized sectors of the society to hasten their holistic development; and
  • Promote peace and development.