Sali ka sa ΑΦΩ. Tara na!

Posted by: ALLAN CEASAR MONDELO Date Created: 2018-06-21 00:55:22

RECRUITMENT 101  ALPHA PHI OMEGA You must first ask yourself if you’re suitably prepared to enter the “worlds largest Greek fraternity " . . . Few men are intellectually or spiritually prepared to understand or appreciate even the most apparent meanings of fraternity. Do you reflect on the nature of man’s purpose in life and will you make obligations to God, your family, and yourself? But if you seek a more meaningful quality of life – and the spirit of SCOUTING CHARITY and GOOD FELLOWSHIP which flow from it – then ALPHA PHI OMEGA fraternity has much to offer. We want the world to know what we believe, how we act, and what we do . . . and, then, should you become an APO, we want you to be proud of our Fraternity and to participate in our work. Only those who desire membership because of their favorable impression of us should seek a petition to join. Membership is open to all men and women who are currently enrolled and in all college and universities and believe in the scouting principles. LEADERSHIP, FRIENDSHIP, and SERVICE. Being and meet the qualifications and standards. Men of all ethnic and religious backgrounds are welcome. Join ΑΦΩ now. Contact me @ 09771009769 / 09072067976